Happy New Year!

Happy 2011 to my dear Family and Friends!

I love and miss you!

El Salto

We took a day trip to El Salto, a beautiful area in the mountains.

A lovely place where you can rent cabins for the weekend, go hiking, rock climbing, quads etc. We had heard that there was water there (from all the recent heavy rains), in all the times we’ve gone there we’d never seen water, so we were excited to explore.

Values Club – Honesty

We conducted two Values classes this month.

Subject: Honesty
Date: 19 & 20 October 2010
Orphanages: Casa Hogar Imperio de Amor
Casa Hogar Ministerios de Amor

One of Life Standard’s three projects is the Values Club, this month’s theme was HONESTY. We conducted the program at 2 orphanages, the first one being a larger orphanage of 60 children (30 attended the class) located outside the city of Monterrey in Juarez.


Andrew surprised the kids and I with a long weekend getaway. It was a wonderful family time together! We went to Padre Island, while there we swam, relaxed, fished, played Wii etc.
See more for photos

Consider the Needy

This month we revisited Colonia Union Morales, Santa Catarina with a pick-up truck loaded with clothes, and household supplies.

We have visited this Colonia a number of times this year; the people in this area were directly affected from the Hurricane Alex (July 2010) and are thankful and appreciative of our visits, and its with pleasure that we bring them the supplies and necessities.

Shae turns 12


No more  a little girl, Shae turns 12!

This year she wanted a simple dinner out, we went for Shrimp tacos at a great place, seated on a terrace in the evening breeze, it was lovely.

I was smart this time and brought along the portable dvd player for Gareth, so we could eat in peace.


Summers End

August has come and gone, time to get serious back to school and schedules. We’ve enjoyed the summer at home, small outings, catching up with family etc.

Andrew is gone to Canada for 9 weeks, so its been me and the kiddos. We’re good, keeping busy, that’s the best way to keep positive and productive during this “long” time apart.


Sorry I’ve been not able to post in the last few weeks, its been extremely busy for me, with Andrew gone on a trip, the kids starting up at a new school, matters pertaining to our orphanage projects and so much more.

Shae and Gavin started school Monday the 23rd of August. Gareth doesn’t start till Wednesday the 1st of September, once he is in school, I can get to the long list of “to do’s” that await…this site being one of them.

See you soon!

Mini Reunion

Janet and Iwan visit for 2 weeks.. yay!
It’s a mini family reunion. Missing–Gaby, Nina, Maria and Melanie. But the rest of us got together for 2 weeks of outings, dinners out, hanging out.

Summer Tidbits


Shae and Gavin will be moving to a new school this year. We are happy with our present Montessori School that Shae has attended these last two years for her 5th and 6th grade. but this school is from kindergarden to 6th grade, so the hunt began last month for the new school.

This hasn’t been the easiest task, as there are quite a few prerequisites for a new school to suit our needs. First off it is necessary that the teaching is in Spanish, you may think that is a simple thing to find in a Spanish speaking country, but no, most private schools are in English, or at least 80% English as education in English is high in demand.